On-Site Crisis or Program Management

    In today’s world of communications, hands-on or face-present requirements have been seriously reduced, and that’s a boon to owner/operators like you. With the abundance of digital photography and almost instant visual communications, almost every scenario that requires expertise can be resolved without the expenses of travel. King Air maintenance is no exception, but sometimes being “right there” is the smart play.

    Although I’ve managed to communicate many procedures and “saves” with written procedures and color photographs to support them, some tasks like engine rigging and other deeply involved technical processes could become a safety issue if an experienced individual isn’t on site. There are also Regulatory issues involved when work is performed by techs that haven’t performed work previously.

    If we have some major work going on, and “adult supervision” seems prudent, then I can certainly assist.

   When my presence is a logical choice, we’ll decide that together and agree on a price. It’s in both our best interests to control these costs and keep them to a minimum, but sometimes being there is just the right thing to do.