Maintenance Tracking and Planning

FAA Regulations require you to adhere to an inspection program on your aircraft. Understanding your options, much less tracking each of the required elements can be a monumental task. Omissions can cost you unplanned-for down time and money, not to mention the lecture from your friendly FAA.

    Not all operations are created equal, and not all “Manufacturer’s Recommended Programs” are set up with your budget in mind. Let me explain your options and custom-tailor a program to your operations. When you (completely legally) choose to deviate from the “recommended” intervals, maintenance shops can be hesitant to accept your rights and privileges as an owner. You need an expert in both the regulatory interpretations as well as someone to “talk tech” with the shop. Shops may well offer to maintain your “due list” for free, but take a hard look at who’s responsible for compliance, and whether your financial interests marry up with theirs.

    There’s a tracking plan for every budget. If you just want an accurate system, and are willing to depend on our services, then we can certainly keep you advised well in advance of upcoming requirements so you can schedule your downtime and travel intelligently. If you already participate in an on-line electronic system, then we can audit and monitor that on your behalf. If you would like the convenience (and credibility) of subscribing to one of the “Big Players” like Camp, Avtrak, or FlightDocs, let us set up your aircraft in the most logical and cost-effective way, then maintain your program with your needs in mind.