I owe a lot to my Clients who helped me build by business. I owe a huge debt to our departed friend Ron McAlister who had a vision for a King Air “Community”… Owners, Operators, Instructors, Buyers, Sellers, Suppliers, and Maintenance types like me all coming together to share resources to support each other and the amazing King Air. I can do nothing less than to continue to support Ron’s vision while I’m still able. No matter where life takes us, feel free to give me a call. If I can’t help, then I’ll certainly steer you to someone who can.


So, perhaps you own a King Air.

Somehow that translates to most people that you have an infinite supply of money for things like Maintenance. Well we both know that isn’t true, so how can you get control over what often seems like huge sums going down the drain for every discrepancy in your inspections and maintenance.

Well, that’s been my job among others. I’m taking on some new challenges, and I don’t sell management services now, but if you’ve found this welcome to the Family…

I’ve been in the Aircraft Maintenance business for about 45 years. A lot of that time was spent with the King Air family. I cut my A&P “wrench twisting” teeth on my father’s Beech 18, and the second aircraft I became responsible for was an E90 King Air back in the late 70s. I’ve spent a lot of time with these aircraft.

Through my career, I’ve held numerous positions in aircraft maintenance, avionics, and quality assurance. Everything from project management, logbook research, and customer service are just part of what I’ve done.

The icing on the cake was when I started maintenance instruction back in 2006. I created and instructed maintenance courses for 90, 200, and 300 series King Airs, and that gave me the opportunity to travel the world working with hundreds of Technicians. I’m not in the least ashamed to admit that while teaching them, they were also teaching and challenging me. I became completely immersed in this product line, and then created courses and resources that didn’t exist for these aircraft.

Throughout these years, I had the pleasure of troubleshooting and repairing the world’s King Airs from my cell phone, and occasionally being at a facility where the action was happening. That ongoing commitment has put me in a position unlike others. “Highly skilled King Air diagnostician” wouldn’t be overstating what I bring to the table today.